Do You Need A Housecall?

Jun 21, 2011
The Practice has seen a rise in its workload including the amount of housecall requests from patients. This has therefore impacted on how the practice functions. If you feel you need to see a doctor and are unable to attend the surgery, a member of our admin team will take your details and one of the doctors will call you back to assess your condition before deciding on a home visit. We hope that this will assist us in dealing with the demand for services and make best use of the doctors' time.

Housecalls are now traiged by one of the Doctors each day to determine what the problem is and whether or not you could attend the surgery if deemed appropriate or indeed a house-call is entirely necessary under the circumstances.

The main reason for this is because a Doctor can see around 4 patients in the surgery compared to one house-call.  We are sure you will appreciate and assist us with this in order that we can provide the best possible care and service to the patients registered with Castle Douglas Medical Group.

It is often difficult to examine and diagnose in the home because of the lack of equipment and information, therefore where possible it is the best interests of the patient to attend the Practice.

I would like to reassure you that it will be the Doctors decision and not a receptionist as to whether your request for a house-call will be fulfilled.