New Partner at CDMG

Aug 7, 2017
For those of you whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting thus far, I am Dr Gillian White, your new GP partner at the practice. I shall be found in the spectacularly yellow consulting room that was once the domain of Dr Angus MacGregor. I am still very new and adjusting slowly to a change of practice and routine but so far so good! I completed my degree in 2010 at Glasgow University and returned to Dumfries to complete my foundation training and subsequently decided to remain in Dumfries and Galloway to train as a GP. I have recently completed my training under the watchful and encouraging eye of Dr Van Zanten’s husband, Dr Nick Brown, in Lochmaben. Becoming a GP has always been my aim — it lends itself to my nature and offers me the variety that I desire in work and life! Just starting out in my career my interests are very varied, I have a lot to learn about General Practice and I believe CDMG will be the place to do it. I am relatively local having been born and raised in the Gretna/Annan area and, despite the pull of the central belt, returning home has been the best family and career move my husband and I could have made. We now live in Dumfries with our almost two year old son Blair. Motherhood has been my biggest challenge and is an endless source of fun and fatigue! My other interest in life, aside from my family, is EXERCISE. This is my medicine and I woulencourage everyone to take a regular dose! Prevention is better than cure after all. I am a firm believer in everything in moderation and will admit I exercise to account for my love of good food and wine! I knew after my first visit to the surgery, when considering the position, that this was the place and team for me. The practice comes with a very good reputation and I am honoured to have been offered the position. I hope I can offer you a friendly face, listening ear an honest opinion and advice you can rely on.

Dr White has just completed her GP training in Lochmaben and is very much looking forward to starting with us in October.