Minor Injuries Unit at Castle Douglas Hospital

May 10, 2011

We would like to again raise awareness of the Minor Injuries Unit at Castle Douglas Hospital and to encourage patients and tourists to attend their directly.

We and our patients are very fortunate to have a minor  injuries unit and we believe that it is in everyone bests interests to use it appropriately.

As a direct result of a recent issue, it has been agreed by the Practice that the following procedure should be clarified.

From this point forward should a patient present or contact the Practice with a minor injury e.g. bleeding as a result of accidental injury and the receptionist is not clear as to whether the injury is “minor” or more serious, the following will happen:

  • The receptionist will take patient details and a brief note of the problem T
  • The patient will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room in view of the receptionist
  • The duty doctor (DD) or other clinician if DD out in on emergency will be asked to triaige the patient and signpost appropriately - this may include immediately necessary clinical action to staunch haemorrhage and prevent further exacerbation of the injury

If a patient or relative calls the practice and informs the receptionist that you or someone else has been involved in an accident or injured themselves, they will be directed to the minor injuries unit at Castle Douglas Hospital in the first instance.

Many thanks for your assistance with the above.