Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be given for some medicines which are taken regularly. You may still need to speak to your clinician regularly to check on your progress.

It is your responsibility to order medication before it runs out. Please allow 48 hours for your prescription to reach the chemist but remember that they then have to process the script, which takes further time.

How to order your repeat prescription:

1. Find the list of repeat medicines which should be enclosed with the prescription from the chemist.

2. Tick the items on the list that you need

3. Write the name of the chemist you wish to use or opt to pick up the prescription from reception

4. Bring, post or fax the list to the practice

The printed slip is the best method to make a request but alternatively you can 'phone the special prescription line 01556 505666. This number is for prescriptions only. An answering machine will take your message, so please speak clearly giving:

  • The name of the patient

  • Their date of birth (or address)

  • Which medicines are needed

  • Which chemist to send to

Please try to be organised so that you order only once a month. We can help you if you need an odd quantity of medication prescribed to even things up.

If you need a prescription amended, or if a drug is not on your repeat medication list please allow extra time. The clinician will also need more information to process the request. Please explain why the non-repeat item is needed when making the request. Remember that many newly-started medications cannot go on your repeat list until their effects have been assessed, their dosages stabilised, or their effect on the blood checked. If the clinician has insufficient information or is concerned about the safety, or appropriateness, of the request it will not be authorised.

We also have an on-line ordering service.  Please ask at Reception and we will be happy to tell you about this service and issue you with a unique pin number to enable you to register.